Police Visit The Henry Prince School

Police Officer Rich and PCSO Sean visited school today to inform the children about the work they do.  The children were able to ask lots of questions and they were all allowed to sit in the police car.  They particularly enjoyed switching the sirens and lights on.  Some of the children  were allowed to try on some of the uniforms.  Mr Mayes was handcuffed much to everybody’s delight!


The Henry Prince School goes on a Derby Faith Walk

The Henry Prince School children have been to the “Open Centre” in Normanton, Derby. The Open Centre helps people learn about other faiths.

We walked from the centre to the local mosque and were fascinated to see the similarities between Christianity and Islam. We found out how they pray and celebrate festivals.

We then walked back to the Open Centre where we learnt about Judaism. We tasted bread called Challah and we learnt about Jewish coming of age ceremonies.

We all had a very enjoyable day, as you can see from the pictures.

Join the Henry Prince Bake Off!

The Henry Prince Bake Off takes place on Monday 22nd of October, followed by coffee and cake sale

We’d like to invite you to come along and buy cakes and refreshments at 3.15 pm – everyone welcome, you don’t need to have children at the school.

The Bake Off is open to pupils and parents with a prize for the winner in each class and  one for the parents and guardians. It’s just £1 to enter.