Easter Fun Day

The Children have had an excellent Easter Fun Day in school today.  We started the day with a lovely Easter assembly taken by Rev Soar and then the children enjoyed various Easter activities.  The children made some wonderful decorated eggs and Easter gardens.  Thank you to all of the parents for their help.





Chicks in School

Two weeks ago the school took delivery of some hens’ eggs.  After a few days the chicks started appearing and we ended up with 7 beautiful chicks.  The children have really enjoyed watching the eggs hatch and the chicks grow.  We have had lots of writing opportunities about the development of the chicks. It has been lovely to see the childrens’ faces as they watch the chicks playing and eating.



Christingle Service

We ended our Autumn term with a wonderful Christingle service at church. The children put on a short performance to tell everybody about the meaning of Christingle. The children acted as teachers and pupils in a “lesson”. The children then all sang ‘Away in a Manger’ after they had lit the candles on their Christingles. The parents joined in with two other carols and Reverand Martin talked to the children about how appearances can be deceptive. We all felt very Christmassy after such a lovely ending to our term.

The children invite Senior Citizens to join them for dinner, 16 January

The children of the Henry Prince School would like to invite Mayfield over-sixties to join them for a roast dinner and pudding on Wednesday 16 January 2019. The cost is just £2.52. Anyone wishing to join the children just book with the school office by Thursday 10 January 2019. Either pop into the school or call 01335 342613.

We look forward to meeting you.

Please arrive for lunch at 12 noon. See you then!

Falconer comes to school

Mr Etherington came to school this week to show us all his birds of prey. Mr Etherington is a falconer. We saw ‘Ghost’, she is a hybrid falcon. She can spot a goose when flying and she dives down to catch it. She is 22 years old. We also met Benny the barn owl who is 7 months old. Benny is a girl and she has spots under her wings. Mr Etherington showed us a 7 year old eagle owl. Eagle owls can live to be 30 years old but they are quite rare now as people have persecuted them in this country. The eagle owl has a wing span of 2metres. Jess, the harris hawk has rounded wings and is a very good hunter. She can see a rabbit from 1 mile away! Harris hawks can live for 20 years in captivity.  The children had a wonderful time learning about all these birds of prey.