Harvest for the Foodbank

This year, instead of the normal harvest offerings of fresh fruit and vegetables, the children of The Henry Prince School decided that they would make up harvest boxes of tins and packets to be donated to the Ashbourne Foodbank.

The children brought their boxes and offerings to a special Harvest Service at St John’s Church in Mayfield. After the service all the food, toiletries and cleaning products which the children had brought were taken to the Foodbank at Elim Pentacostle Church.

Harvest for the Foodbank

The Rev Martin Soar, vicar of Mayfield Church, said “The children presented a wonderfully fresh and engaging visual and musical ‘Thank You’ for the harvest. It was so good! It kindled a real sense of gratitude, inspired me to make the most of my garden, and reminded me to be a regular contributor to the Food Bank myself. Thank you, Henry Princes and Princesses!

Harvest for the foodbank

The Ashbourne Foodbank offers food parcels to those in need in the Ashbourne area.