Falconer comes to school

Mr Etherington came to school this week to show us all his birds of prey. Mr Etherington is a falconer. We saw ‘Ghost’, she is a hybrid falcon. She can spot a goose when flying and she dives down to catch it. She is 22 years old. We also met Benny the barn owl who is 7 months old. Benny is a girl and she has spots under her wings. Mr Etherington showed us a 7 year old eagle owl. Eagle owls can live to be 30 years old but they are quite rare now as people have persecuted them in this country. The eagle owl has a wing span of 2metres. Jess, the harris hawk has rounded wings and is a very good hunter. She can see a rabbit from 1 mile away! Harris hawks can live for 20 years in captivity.  The children had a wonderful time learning about all these birds of prey.