Children’s Church Services

Henry Prince is a Church of England School. Our local church is Saint John the Baptist in Mayfield. We conduct a number of church services to which we invite members of the community to attend with us.

St John the Baptist Church, Mayfield
St John the Baptist Church, Mayfield

Harvest Festival

During the Harvest Festival celebrations, the children put together boxes of fruit and vegetables which are then given to the church. The produce is auctioned at the Harvest Supper and the proceeds are sent to a charity of the children’s choice.


Every Christmas the church hosts a Christingle Service which the children attend on the last day of term. Each child is given:

  • An orange, representing the world, with;
  • A red ribbon tied round, representing the blood of Jesus;
  • Glace cherries and sweets skewered on four cocktail sticks, representing the fruits of the four seasons;
  • A lighted candled, representing Jesus as the light of the world.

Sunday School

Our church has an active Sunday School to which several of our pupils belong. The highlight of the year is the Nativity play, which is always very well attended by the community. Other events and outings take place throughout the year. Sunday School is for children from three to twelve. It takes place on Sunday mornings during term time from 10.30 to 11.45. It is a fun morning with stories, acting, art, baking, dressing up and so on. If you would like to try Sunday School contact either Margaret Mansfield or Charlotte Heathcote on 01335 343791 or 07772 360472 respectively.